About Us

DnA Garage's mission is simple: make you go faster. If you are looking for someone with the knowledge, experience, and ability to make your project more powerful, better handling, cleaner looking, or all of the above... look no further. As a fairly small team, with a wide range of skills, we have the advantage of offering you excellent personal service, and expertise in our areas of specialty. With our cost effective mindset, we can provide budgetminded solutions for your tuning needs, without sacrificing quality.

While we do focus heavily on Nissan performance and tuning, the origin of our name does not have any relation with Nissan's DNA Garage, the historical collection of Datsun and Nissan automobiles at the old Zama factory in Japan.

Our name is derived from the two founders of DnA Garage, Dan Hofman and Adrian Johnson. As cousins growing up in a performance and hot rodding oriented family, spending long hours in the garage and driveway at each of our parents' houses was considered "normal" growing up. We were always coming up with ideas to modify, improve, remove, or in any way make changes to increase performance, and make whatever project "go faster." The same applies to the projects we work on now, and we treat them with the care and precision we do on our own vehicles.