EFI Tuning

As a shop with a professionally trained and certified High Performance Engine Tuner on staff with over 10 years experience, we are your answer to professional and proper EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection) tuning needs. You've probably heard it before: some say tuning is a "black art," while others say it is not. In reality, EFI Tuning is a science. There are laws to know and formulas used, largely deriving from physics and electronics.

Usually the last stage of a project, tuning an engine can - and usually does - yield the most power results of the build, but only if done correctly. Don't leave it to guesswork, which can cause costly mistakes, resulting in accidental engine damage. The staff at DnA Garage have the formal education and training in this area to back the quality of our work, and the years of experience to know when your engine is properly tuned and performing the best it can - in all conditions.

We have experience working with the following systems:

Nissan Skyline GTR dyno tuning

If you have something that we have not experienced before, we won't be afraid to admit it. We will not waste your time or money pretending to know what we are doing while we "learn as we go" on your set up. If your EFI system is not listed above, please contact us for a free consultation on your system.